Saturday 1st October @ 16.00, Bray Town Hall

Named for the hero of James Joyce’s A Portrait of the Artist as a Young
Man, Dedalus Books (UK) was founded in 1983 by Eric Lane. “Dedalus,”
says Eric, “has invented its own distinctive genre, which we term distorted
reality, where the bizarre, the unusual, the grotesque and the surreal meld
in a kind of intellectual fiction which is very European.” A recent addition
to this exciting project are three Irish authors: Eoghan Smith, Dara
Kavanagh, who will be present alongside Eric Lane, and Brian Keogh,
whose novel Le Fanu’s Angel will be celebrated at this event together with
Dedalus novels A Provincial Death and Prague 1938

Eoghan Smith is the author of the novels A Provincial Death (2022) and The Failing Heart (2018). He has contributed to a variety of publications and journals, including The Irish Times, Literary Review, Books Ireland and Dublin Review of Books. His other
books include the co-edited collection Imagining Irish Suburbia and Literature (2018) and the monograph John Banville: Art and Authenticity (2014).

Dara Kavanagh is the nom-de-plume of the author of the historical novel Prague 1938 (2021), an award-winning Irish novelist, short story writer, poet and playwright, rumours suggest that his true identity will finally be revealed in the course of this event.

Eric Lane is publisher at Dedalus Press UK, a British publishing company specialising in European literature. Established by Geoffrey Smith, Eric Lane and Robert Irwin, the company was launched in 1983. Dedalus publishes novels and anthologies, featuring both contemporary and historical European works, both in translation and original the English language. In recent years, Dedalus has added three Irish writers: Brian Keogh, Dara Kavanagh and Eoghan Smith to their catalogue.